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Public Authorities

We can provide:

  • Research around the barriers to disabled people accessing services and employment
  • Support to consult and involving disabled people
  • Support to develop and implement disability equality strategies and action plans

Here are some examples of recent work:

  • Hounslow Council, Hounslow PCT, Hounslow Homes, Joint Strategy and Commissioning (Health and Social Services), the Legal Services Commission and the Metropolitan Police.
    (in partnership with Disability Network Hounslow)
    A four-month research project to identify disabling policies and practices which act as a barrier to communication between disabled people and public authorities in Hounslow (the report is available here).
  • Liverpool Partnership Board for People with Physical and / or Sensory Impairments
    (in partnership with Breakthrough UK)
    We conducted research to identify how to make information and advice easily available to disabled people in Liverpool (the report is available here).