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Disability Equality Action Training increases participants’ ability to understand, identify and challenge disability discrimination.

It is based on the social model of disability and delivered by disabled trainers who combine their lived experience of discrimination with social theory. Participants learn to practically apply the social model by identifying disabling barriers within their organisations. Typical issues that may be covered include:

  • The history of disabled people’s oppression
  • The medical and social models of disability
  • The 12 pillars of independent living
  • Developing inclusive practice
  • Accessible communication
  • The Disability Discrimination Act
  • The Special Educational Needs and Disability Act
  • The Disability Equality Duty
  • Identifying barriers and solutions within organisations
  • Personalisation and self-directed support
  • Person-centred planning
  • Applying the social model to services and practice
  • Action planning

Here are some examples of recent training we have delivered:

  • Trafford Council
    (in partnership with Breakthrough UK)
    Designed and delivered 25 Disability Equality Action Training days to Trafford Council’s entire middle and senior management as part of their Disability Equality Scheme. Trafford Council Chief Exec, David McNulty commented:“When we commissioned disability equality action training for our staff I was hopeful it would have a strong impact but I wasn't ready for what happened. Members of staff started coming up to me in corridors or emailing me to say it was the most worthwhile and best training we'd ever done (and someone of them could go back 30 years when they said that!). I joined a session myself and found it hugely rewarding. The sheer quality of this training has inspired our staff to think seriously and creatively about how they as individuals and teams can contribute to our Equalities duties.” 

  • Merseyside Police Authority - Equality and Diversity Sub-Group
    (in partnership with Breakthrough UK)
    Designed and delivered Disability Equality Action Training specifically covering the implementation and monitoring of the Disability Equality Duty.
  • Breakthrough UK
    Designed and delivered a ‘Training the Trainers’ course for disabled people seeking to become Disability Equality Action Trainers. Also designed and delivered the OCN accredited Open Disability Equality Action Training course and two induction courses for new members of staff.
  • Sefton Ability
    (in partnership with Merseyside Disability Federation)
    Designed and delivered two training days for disabled people on how to use mystery shopping to assess the accessibility of public services.
  • Faculty of Public Health
    Designed and delivered a Disability Equality Action Training course for members of staff.
  • Preston DISC
    Designed and deliver an on-going Disability Equality Action Training programme for staff, trustees and volunteers.
  • South Liverpool Housing Group
    (in partnership with Credibility Ltd)
    Designed and delivered two bespoke Disability Equality Action Training sessions for staff.